Rhodes University is proud to announce the graduation of its Autumn 2024 class, a significant milestone
marking the 120th anniversary of academic excellence and transformative education. Among the graduates,
special recognition is given to the 60 students who have excelled through the University's collaborative
efforts with GADRA Matric School and its Bridging Programme, aimed at enhancing the educational
landscape of Makhanda’s local schools.

“These exceptional students, including 20 from the Bridging Programme and 18 postgraduates with a focus
on education, embody the spirit of resilience and determination,” said Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sizwe

“Their achievements highlight the success of targeted interventions in improving local education and
supporting students in achieving their academic goals. The University takes immense pride in these
graduates, who have not only overcome various challenges but have also set a benchmark for future

As the University reflects on 120 years of academic excellence during its RU120 celebrations, the
graduation ceremony is not just an acknowledgement of academic success but also a time to recognise
recipients of its honorary degrees, the University’s highest honour.

Honorary doctorate degrees reflect the recognition of persons for their significant contributions to society,
particularly in areas related to social justice, human rights, activism, and as forerunners in their respective

“Each individual is being honoured for their dedication to improving the lives of others, advocating for the
marginalised, or advancing knowledge and understanding in their area of expertise. Each honoree has made
notable efforts towards creating a more just and equitable society,” said Prof Mabizela.

The Honorary Doctorate recipients for the April Graduation, 2024, are:

As Rhodes University continues to foster leaders who are committed to serving the greater good, it is using
the unique RU120 anniversary year to celebrate the accomplishments of its students and the contributions of
distinguished individuals graduating this year.