21 February 2024 | Accomplished historian, Emeritus Professor Paul Maylam, author of six books and co-editor of a seventh, will on 1 March 2024 give a seminal lecture on the intellectual history of Rhodes University as part of the university’s 120th anniversary celebrations.

Billed as a highlight of year-long events, the lecture will be a moment for reflection for students, staff, alumni, funders, researchers, and friends of our university. It will be an opportunity to learn about the university’s scholarly pedigree over time and to note the contributions that it has made to South African society and humanity generally, RU120 Project Coordinator Dr Luzuko Jacobs said.

There could not be a more suitable person to deliver this lecture. Five of Paul Maylam’s books have appeared under the imprint of international publishers, and two of them have won the university book prize. His most recent book is about a history of Rhodes University. The cherry on top is that as the former chair of history at the University for over 20 years, this recipient of the Rhodes University senior research award was also the university’s public orator from 2007 to 2023, Dr Jacobs said.

“We are honoured to have Prof Maylam share his unparalleled insights into the intellectual journey of Rhodes University,” said Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sizwe Mabizela. “This lecture is not just a reflection on our past but also an inspiration for our future direction as we continue to contribute to knowledge, justice, and the advancement of society.”

Please join us for a thought-provoking exploration of Rhodes University’s intellectual trajectory as follows:

Date: 1 March 2024

Time: 17:30

Location: Eden Grove Red, Rhodes University

Live Stream: Available here

Please visit Rhodes University’s website for more information about the #RU120 celebrations and upcoming events.


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