Demonstrating what is possible: Allan Magubane to inspire future trailblazers at Allan Gray Young Leaders Bootcamp

04 July 2024 | Makhanda, South Africa – Rhodes University is taking the next step in its transformative involvement in the broader education sector in Makhanda through a trailblazing bootcamp for school leaders aimed at cultivating ethical leadership.
During the #RU120 celebration year, the university has firmly focused on igniting a nationwide conversation on how universities can play a pivotal role in democratising access to quality education. This involves linking with the entire education value chain – from ECD, to helping improve school literacy levels, to facilitating pathways to tertiary education – but also cultivating a generation of future leaders that are value-driven and grounded in local realities.
This follows the first-of-its-kind Education Summit at the beginning of the year where Rhodes University Vice Chancellor, Professor Sizwe Mabizela said: “This is a clarion call for reflection and inspiration, for other institutions to begin to actively engage their communities and to shape a future where universities are not just located in a city but form an integral part of the community within that city. Our hope is that our journey will inspire a national movement where universities, stakeholders, and communities rally together for the collective upliftment of education.”
Subsequently, Rhodes University is proud to announce the inaugural Young Leaders Bootcamp, a transformative event to empower the next generation of leaders. This landmark event, set to take place on 6-7 July 2024 at Rhodes University, will bring together high school representatives, senior students, and Rhodes University student leaders to engage in activities designed to foster leadership and community engagement.

The Young Leaders Bootcamp is organised by the Allan Gray Centre for Leadership Excellence (AGCLE) in collaboration with the Makhanda Circle of Unity (MCoU). The event aims to provide a platform for young leaders to reflect on the role and meaning of youth leadership in their communities and to develop skills necessary for ethical and impactful leadership. One of the mechanisms to achieving this is demonstrating to young people what is possible by providing them with access to relatable role models grounded in the same context as themselves.
Accordingly, keynote speakers for the event include esteemed figures such as Allan Magubane, Deputy Headmaster for Transformation & Community Engagement at St John’s College, and Professor Mabizela. These speakers and other notable education leaders like Dr. Ashley Westaway from GADRA Education will share their insights and experiences, offering valuable guidance to the young attendees.
The bootcamp will feature various sessions, including keynote addresses, panel discussions, workshops, and breakout groups. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the education ecosystem in Makhanda, the importance of ethical leadership, and strategies for leading by example in their respective schools and communities.
Dr. Lindsay Kelland, Senior Lecturer at AGCLE, expressed enthusiasm about the event: “This bootcamp is a unique opportunity for young leaders to come together, share their experiences, and learn from one another. It is our hope that this event will inspire a new wave of leadership that is ethical, inclusive, and dedicated to the betterment of our community.
The bootcamp promises to be a dynamic and inspiring event with the potential to shape the future leaders of Makhanda and beyond.

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